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How to block USB port

StopUSB allows users to block USB port. This procedure prevents confidential data leaks and helps to avoid copying undesirable files to the computer from the USB device. However, it is impossible to completely block a USB port because a user should be able to connect safe devices necessary for their work, such as a USB keyboard and a mouse, USB tokens, etc.

StopUSB takes this fact into account and blocks USB ports, as well as Fireware ports for devices that can be used to steal confidential information. At the same time, USB ports are kept unblocked for safe devices. The whitelist feature allows you to create the list of devices that are allowed to be connected to the computer through a USB port.

To block a USB port:

  1. Install StopUSB on your computer.
  2. Protection will be enabled right after the installation.
  3. To change the settings, open the StopUSB window and click General Settings.
  4. Click the Set Password button to specify the password for blocking USB ports.
  5. Select the Ask this password for unknown removable storage devices option to enable password protection for connecting removable storage devices.

To block USB ports with trusted devices:

  1. Start StopUSB.
  2. Connect the removable device to your computer.
  3. Click Device Whitelist to configure the list of trusted devices.
  4. Click the Add New button to add the trusted device.
  5. Select the necessary removable storage device from the list and click the Add to Whitelist button.
  6. Make sure that your device appears in the Trusted removable storage devices list.
  7. If necessary, you can add several devices to the list.
  8. The Remove button allows you to remove the selected device from the list and block the USB port for them.

StopUSB can be administered remotely and installed silently. One can enable protection and block USB ports of an entire network.

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