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USB Security - FAQ

USB Security

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Current Version: 2.6
Release Date: Apr 14, 2012
Operating System: Windows 7, Vista, 2003, XP and 2000
File Size: 2.06 MB
Price: Start from $34.95 per copy

Q. What is USB Security?

A. USB Security lets you block unauthorized USB devices on any PC or the entire network - easily. Preventing information leaks and helping combat virus infections, USB Security is indispensible in corporate networks and handy at homes and small offices.

Q. How does USB Security work?

A. USB Security intercepts the connection of a removable storage device on the driver level and does not allow unknown devices to be connected. The agent client is installed on every network computer, which provides the protection for the entire network.

Q. Is it possible to remotely deploy USB Security? Does the administrator have to connect to every computer in order to change the settings?

A. The administrator can deploy USB Security remotely via the USB Security management console. Clients are also controlled via the centralized console.

Q. Does blocking USB ports result in users being unable to use the mouse and keyboard?

A. No, USB Security blocks USB removable storage devices making it possible to use the keyboard, mouse, printer, scanner, etc.

Q. We need to protect USB ports on all network computers. Do we have to install USB Security separately on each computer? Is there a version that can block USB from Active Directory?

A. You can deploy USB Security via SMS and AD Server using the .msi distribution package. The centralized console for managing all USB Security clients is also available. The .msi distribution package and the management console are available in StopUSB Enterprise.

Q. Do you have an Enterprise/Network/Central version of USB Security?

A. Yes, we have StopUSB Enterprise for deploying protection throughout the entire network.

Q. When I connect a USB removable storage and enter the correct password, is this device added to the whitelist?

A. No, the device is not added to the whitelist in this case. Use the Device Whitelist menu to add a device to the whitelist.

Q. Can the local user change the settings, disable the protection, or remove USB Security?

A. No, only the authorized administrator can disable the protection. The local user will not be able to disable USB Security without permission.

Q. Is the protection active when the computer is disconnected from the network?

A. Yes, the protection will be active even if you disconnect the computer from the network.

Q. Can USB Security be installed and run in hidden mode?

A. Yes, USB Security can be installed and run in hidden mode.

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Price: Start from $34.95 per copy

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June 25, 2011

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Online Help

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