USB traffic monitor software. Tool for view, log and analyze usb traffic.



USBSpy: USB monitor

Current Version: 2.3
Release Date: Jul 24, 2012
Operating System: Windows 7, Windows x64 Edition, Windows Vista, 2003 Server, XP and 2000
File Size: 2.3 MB
Price: Start from $79.00 per copy

What information about packets can we get as a result of capturing them?

The complete content of the IRP, the complete content of memory specified by the dlAddress, UserBuffer, SystemBuffer fields, the current stack IO_STACK_LOCATION, the complete content of the URB packet. Also, the relative time when the packet was accepted for processing in the driver being monitored, current process. The numbers of the interface, configuration and end point, input/output direction, the name of the URB function are also displayed for URB packets. The name of the device object is also displayed, the IRP address, the completeness status.

What conclusions and decisions based on this data can we make?

Various conclusions can be based on this data. Depending on the problems the user was solving with this program. This data can be used to debug hardware drivers or hardware itself. It is possible to check how correctly some specific driver or the entire USB device works.

What problems can be solved with this product?

We can use two keywords here: diagnostics and debugging. In the first place, this product should be interesting for device manufacturers and also for those who develop drivers for USB devices. This program can be used to detect separate bugs in the device and its driver and also to debug them completely. While monitoring all packets sent to the key devices, the developer can make a conclusion about how correctly hardware and the device itself works.

What additional features does USBSpy have?

Besides capturing packets, the following features are available:

  • Saving and opening the log later: hardware and device configuration together with detailed information and also the complete content of all captured packets).
  • Exporting the log in the XML format.
  • Filtering all captured packets by all kinds of fields (completeness status, packet type, URB function, IRP function, device object, etc.) both while capturing them and afterwards.
  • Searching by these fields.
  • Capturing packets for hot-plugged devices.
  • Log on Reboot (capturing data when the system is being loaded).

In-purchase Benefits

Upon registering, you will have an opportunity to:

  • Use the program for more than 15 days.
  • Remove the nag screen and enable all features of the product.
  • Get unlimited Technical Support during 12 months.
  • Free updates for one year and steep discounts for upgrades for future versions after the one-year period expires.

Price: Start from $79.00 per copy

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All information will be encrypted before transmission to prevent possible interception by a third party. Your transmissions while in this area are absolutely secure and private.

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