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Universal Shield


  • Ability to hide files, folders, or drives from all other users (including the administrator).
  • Encrypts files and folders.
  • A mask that allows you to hide file groups (for example, c:\*.doc).
  • Ability to set permissions (Read, Write, Visibility, Delete) for any files, folders, and drives. For example, you can make your files Read Only and make it impossible to delete them.
  • An access lock on your private folders and settings (My Documents, Favorites, Control Panel, Internet History, and so forth).
  • A protection wizard.
  • Password protection for files, folders, and drives.
  • Unlimited number of objects to protect.
  • Access restrictions on your data against local network users as well as Internet users.
  • Password-protected start of Universal Shield.
  • Password-protected uninstall of Universal Shield.
  • Use of hot keys to start Universal Shield and to change the protection mode from other Windows applications.
  • Trusted processes that allow you to specify the process that can override the protection.
  • Stealth Mode that allows you to hide the program from other people.
  • Ability to lock your Windows desktop so that users cannot delete, add, or modify the shortcuts and icons on your desktop.
  • Adds files and folders via an Explorer menu command.
  • Enables protection automatically if the computer has been idle.
  • Protects files and folders even in Windows Safe Mode.
  • High-level protection.
  • High performance rates.
  • Multilingual interface.
  • Support of FAT, FAT32, and NTFS systems.

Note: Universal Shield does not change the file structure of the data, does not move the protected data, and does not change Windows system files. You cannot lose your files.


Version: 4.7
Release date: Mar 19, 2012
OS: Windows 7, Vista, x64 Edition, Windows 2003 Server, Windows XP, Windows 2000
File Size: 5.88 MB
License: free to try
Download: ushield.exe file
Price: US$34.95
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  • Free updates for one year and steep discounts for upgrades for future versions after the one-year period expires.

Price: US$34.95 per copy

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All information will be encrypted before transmission to prevent possible interception by a third party. Your transmissions while in this area are absolutely secure and private.

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Reviews & Awards

PC Magazine reviews Universal Shield 4

PC Magazine Jan-06The computer magazine PC Magazine, January 2006, recommends Universal Shield 4:

Keep It on the Down Low

Universal Shield 4 both encrypts and hides files, folders, or entire drives. Protected items are completely invisible until the password is supplied. Protection remains in place even when the drive is removed and placed in a different computer. The program will optionally run in a hotkey-activated stealth mode, leaving no evidence that anything is hidden. In addition it can restrict access to such system elements as Control Panel, My Documents, and the system time.
—Neil J. Rubenking Review of Universal Shield

4This utility lets you secure your sensitive information without slowing down your PC. Universal Shield quickly hides files, folders, or entire drives from prying eyes. It also is possible to make certain file types disappear by using a mask. The interface lets you easily see all protected objects. Although the app offers a step-by-step wizard, we found it easier to bypass it and simply hide files with the main interface. Besides concealing items, you can forbid other users from deleting or changing files or accessing the Control Panel. Universal Shield also lets you encrypt files with several secure algorithms. Anyone who shares a computer with others and needs to maintain privacy can benefit from this program.

Universal Shield 4 - Review in TUCOWS-Software Archive

Rating (5 out of 5) 5 Cows

Hide files, folders and drives, and set access rules using flexible security combinations for your data.

Online Help

To learn more about Universal Shield and its features, please read the online help file. This is available from our website.

What our customers are saying:

"We needed a network folder security solution that really performs. We found Universal Shield by Everstrike to be everything we hoped for and more. If you need to secure your information we recommend Universal Shield by Everstrike."

David Evangelista
Executive Director
The US Internet Crime Task Force, Inc.

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