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Speed up disk operation with a secure virtual RAM disk


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Current Version: 2.0
Release Date: Jan 14, 2010
Operating System: Windows Vista, 2003, XP and 2000
File Size: 1.61 MB
Price: Start from $49.95 per copy

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Speed Up Disk Access

Hard disks are weakest link of modern computers, slowing down the entire system. The hard drives have moving mechanical parts, making them slow to access a particular spot on the magnetic storage media. While sustained transfer rates of modern hard disks are high, the need to seek for a position on the surface of the disk makes random access extremely slow. If your system has a lot of read-write operations on a limited set of files, moving the frequently accessed data off the actual hard disk into computer's memory can speed up operation and reduce access times dramatically.

A RAM disk is stored in the computer's memory. It has no moving parts and does not need to seek for information.

Safe Operation

RAM disks are volatile by their nature. The data is stored in the computer's memory, making it disappear the very moment you reboot or switch off your PC. Now with DiskBoost!

If you are using a virtual disk to store sensitive data, DiskBoost can maintain a shadow copy of the virtual disk on your hard drive, periodically saving the complete contents of your RAM disk into a real file. If you a running a server, DiskBoost can create a shadow copy of the entire partition on the hard drive!

Thanks to built-in backup capability and automatic data synchronization, DiskBoost RAM drives are as safe to use as the hard disks.

Complete Data Security

DiskBoost safeguards your sensitive data with special measures. Everything you store on a DiskBoost drive is encrypted automatically and transparently on-the-fly. Disk images stored on your hard drive are also securely encrypted, making their contents completely useless to a malicious person without knowing a proper password. You can even prohibit mounting the protected disks by requiring a password-to-mount!

Volatile Data

What if there is something on your system that you specifically do not want to keep for security reasons? Cached passwords, tracking cookies, Internet cache and browsing history are the most obvious examples. Simply store the volatile data on a DiskBoost RAM disk and mark the disk as Temporary, and all its content will be wiped off completely and unrecoverable when you reboot your PC or un-mount the virtual disk!

Travel Light. Work Fast.

You can take a USB flash drive with you, but how secure is information you keep there? How fast does it read and write data? DiskBoost makes traveling light not only possible, but quick and secure. Simply store an image of a DiskBoost virtual drive on a USB flash card, and you'll automatically receive the same speed, security and convenience of DiskBoost RAM drives!

Transparent On-The-Fly Operation

The RAM drive will appear to you as any other disk would. You'll see no difference between DiskBoost virtual disks, hard disks or USB flash disks except in performance. DiskBoost drives will be faster than any other drive on your system!

You don't need to run anything to work with the virtual disks. Just read and write files and folders as you would on any other disk, and DiskBoost will handle the mechanics on-the-fly and completely transparently.

Convenient Operation

DiskBoost virtual drives are not just faster and more secure than hard disks, but at least as convenient. DiskBoost will be mounted quickly and automatically when your computer loads, giving you immediate access to the blazingly fast disks. Compare DiskBoost's lightning speed with your hard drive in your everyday work, and there will be no going back for you!

Feature List

  • Speeds up disk speed and reduces random access time
  • Blazingly fast file operations
  • Virtual disks mount automatically when the system boots
  • Create temporary RAM drives or permanent images
  • Automatic hard drive synchronization and backup capabilities protect your data against loss
  • Guaranteed wipe of sensitive data
  • Transparent operation: files and folders are read and written on-the-fly
  • Complete security: data is encrypted on-the-fly
  • Protect disk images with a password
  • Strong encryption ensures complete security
  • Travel light with DiskBoost images on a USB flash

In-purchase Benefits

Upon registering, you will have an opportunity to:

  • Use the program for more than 15 days.
  • Remove the nag screen and enable all features of the product.
  • Get unlimited Technical Support during 12 months.
  • Free updates for one year and steep discounts for upgrades for future versions after the one-year period expires.

Price: Start from $49.95 per copy

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