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Registering Universal Shield

Note: When you buy Universal Shield, you will receive a registration key. Save this number in a safe place; you will need it if you ever reinstall the software or if you contact technical support.

When first installed, Universal Shield will be in unregistered mode. The software will remain usable for a total of 30 days, before it expires and the software is disabled. For more information on the benefits of registering the software, see "Benefits of Registering Universal Shield".

To avoid your software becoming disabled, and to remove the unregistered notification screens, you will need to register your copy of Universal Shield with your supplied registration code.

If you do not yet have a registration code, you may purchase one directly from us through the following means: see "How to Buy Universal Shield".

There are two ways to register Universal Shield:

  1. You can Register Universal Shield when you run the software.
    1. If needed, run the Universal Shield software by clicking Start > Programs > Universal Shield.
    2. If the Tip of the Day is open, close it.
    3. If the Universal Shield Wizard is open, click Cancel to close it.
    4. In the toolbar, click Help to open the Help menu, and select Register.
  2. Or, you can register Universal Shield when closing the software.
    1. If Universal Shield is open, when you close the software, you are able to register Universal Shield.
    2. Click the Register button.
  3. No matter which way you register, the Registration dialog box opens.
  4. In the Registration dialog box, type a valid registration code, making sure to respect the hyphens in the code. Registration codes are case-sensitive, so uppercase and lowercase letters are treated differently; you must use the correct capitalization when entering your registration code. (For more information, see "How to Buy Universal Shield" and "Buy Now".)

When you enter a registration code, the OK button becomes active.

  1. When the OK button becomes active, click OK to enter the registration code you typed.
  2. Click OK to close the message box that tells you to restart Universal Shield.
  3. Restart Universal Shield, by clicking File > Exit to close the software and then starting it again.
  4. You will be notified if you entered an invalid registration code and will be prompted to enter the code again.
  5. If you entered a valid registration number, the word Evaluation will no longer display in the title bar of Universal Shield.

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