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How to back up and virus scan files in the hidden folders?

Backup and antivirus utilities/software will not be able to access hidden folders while protection is activated. To back up files in the hidden folders or scan them for viruses, you need to make the folders visible by deactivating protection. This is not always convenient, especially if the virus scan or backup is automatically scheduled. Universal Shield has a special feature called Trusted Processes for such cases. Trusted Processes are programs that are trusted and allowed to access hidden files. If you add your backup or antivirus program to Trusted Processes, it will be able to access hidden files when it needs to without any intervention by you.

As an example, here are the steps required to add the program Backup Platinum to the Trusted Processes list:

  • Click Security > Trusted Processes...
  • Click the Add to the list button in the dialog box.
  • Specify the name and the location of the program (C:\Program Files\Backup Platinum\bp.exe in our case) and click Open.
  • Click Add to the list and also add bpx.exe to the list. It often happens that the main module of the program uses other modules so it is important to add all .exe files that are located in the folder where the trusted program is installed. There are two lines (bp.exe and bpx.exe) in the list now.
  • Click OK.
  • If the backup program is running, close it. Also, close Backup Platinum Agent (it is in the system tray).
  • Restart Backup Platinum if necessary.

Now the backup program is specified as a trusted process. Your files will be backed up as usual, even if protection is activated and folders are hidden.

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