Protect and hide folders, files, drives. Security tools for hiding your files, folders, and drives.

How to Protect System Files, Folders, and Settings

You can use Universal Shield's wizards to quickly protect selected system files, folders, an settings.

  1. If needed, run the Universal Shield software by clicking Start > Programs > Universal Shield and clicking the Universal Shield icon, or by double-clicking the Universal Shield shortcut on your Windows desktop.
  2. If the Universal Shield Wizard does not open automatically, click the Wizard button. The Universal Shield Wizard opens.
  3. Select Security tricks.
  4. After you select the option you want, click Next. The Wizard leads you through the process of hiding files or folders.
  5. Choose the objects you want to protect. Universal Shield lets you protect: My Documents, Favorites, History, Control Panel, date/time settings, and the windows desktop.
  6. Click Next and Finish to apply protection to the items you selected.
  7. Those items that are protected cannot be opened or accessed. For example (remember, you can customize and edit these protections, see "How to Edit Protections"):
    • If you protect My Documents, then any folders or files in MyDocuments cannot be opened.

      Note: If you change the protection on your Favorites list, by DISABLING protection (clicking the Locked button) while your Web browser is open, you will have to close and re-open your Web browser to see the change take effect.

    • If you protect Favorites, then your Favorites list is not available in your browser.
    • If you select History, then the contents of your Internet history folder are unavailable.
    • If you select Control Panel, then nothing in your control panel can be selected.
    • If you select Date/Time, then your system clock and date become inaccessible.
    • If you select Windows Desktop, then the layout of the desktop is preserved and the changes are prevented from being made to the names/details of files, folders, and shortcuts, etc., on the desktop.

    The items you selected to protect are displayed in Universal Shield's protection list. Protection remains in force if the following are true:

    • An item is listed in Universal Shield
    • An item has protection ENABLED (by clicking the Unlocked button)

    Protection is disabled if:

    • An item is deleted or removed from Universal Shield (the item is selected and the Remove button clicked)
    • An item has Protection DISABLED (by clicking the Locked button)

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