Protect and hide folders, files, drives. Security tools for hiding your files, folders, and drives.

Buttons and Shortcut Keystrokes

Many of the more commonly-used menu selections have buttons in the toolbar for one-click access. Quick access to certain program features is also provided through the built-in shortcut keys. The relevant key combinations are listed in the program menus beside their particular function. To use a shortcut, press and hold the Ctrl key, then click the letter key shown, and then release both keys. (It is not necessary to release the keys at the same time, it is only important that both keys are pressed at the same time.)


The Protect button is a shortcut for File > Protect Object.

For more information, see "Protect Object".


The Wizard button is a shortcut for File > Universal Shield Wizard.

For more information, see "Universal Shield Wizard".


The Encrypt button is a shortcut for Encryption > Encrypt...

For more information, see "Encrypt...".


The Decrypt button is a shortcut for Encryption > Decrypt...

For more information, see "Decrypt...".


The Properties button is a shortcut for Edit > Properties (Ctrl+E).

For more information, see "Properties".


The Remove button is a shortcut for Edit > Remove (Ctrl+R).

For more information, see "Remove".


The Processes button is a shortcut for Security > Trusted Processes (Ctrl+P).

For more information, see "Trusted Processes".


The Locked/Unlocked button is a shortcut for Security > Toggle Protection (Ctrl+Windows key).

For more information, see "Toggle Protection".

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Using Protect Folder 98, you can password-protect your files and folders from unauthorized access by other Windows 98/ME users.

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