Protect and hide folders, files, drives. Security tools for hiding your files, folders, and drives.

Main window

This is the main screen of Lock Folder XP, which allows you to specify which objects are to be protected. From here, you will be able to configure other options of the program.

Main window

The main window consists of menu, toolbar and the list of protected objects.

Menu And Toolbar

File - Protect...

Creates new protected object. Also, you can drag and drop files and folders from Windows Explorer. This tool is also available on the toolbar.

Lock Folder XP Wizard...

For new users, this is the easiest way to start protecting your system using Lock Folder XP. The Lock Folder XP Wizard leads you through some of the most common Lock Folder XP Tasks:

  • Hide files, folders, or disks.
  • Security tricks-limit access to Control Panel, and Windows date and time.

Security Tricks...

Security Tricks, which is also accessible through the Lock Folder XP Wizard, lets you protect your Windows system quickly in one dialog box.

File - Exit

Exits the program.

Edit - Copy

Copies text from selected string.

Edit - Delete

Deletes selected string. This tool is also available on the toolbar.

Edit - Clear All

Deletes all elements from the object list. This tool is also available on the toolbar.

Edit - Find...

Finds text in the object list.

Edit - Find Object

You can jump to a directory by double-clicking on the output line. Lock Folder XP will launch Explorer and navigate directly to the directory or file, where the target directory resides.

Security - Toggle Protection

Allows you to quickly remove protection. You can use hotkey Ctrl+Win.

Security - Change Password

Allows changing Lock Folder XP password.

Options - Always on Top

Allows the main window to stay on the top of all applications.

Options - Protect After Exit

Auto-protects your files, folders and disks after closing Lock Folder XP.

Options - Password Protection

This option allows you to protect Lock Folder XP with password.

Options - Font...

Allows changing the font used in the listview.

Options - Language...

Language lets you change the language of the Lock Folder XP interface.

Help - Help

Opens program's help file. This tool is also available on the toolbar.

Help - Context Help

Shows quick help for the selected item. You can use hotkey Shift+F1.

Help - Tip of the Day

Shows useful tips and hints.

Help - Order Now!

Allows you to order Lock Folder XP.

Help - Register

Shows the registration screen. You can use it to enter your registration details.

Help - About

Shows information about the program.

Protected object's list

It consists of 3 columns:

  • Object's number.
  • Object's name or full path to object.
  • Object's type.

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