This application allows you to hide folders, files and even entire hard drives.

Hide folders you value most

Imagine how much more secure you would feel if you could hide folders containing sensitive business and private data so that no one could see them. Yes! This is possible now! Hide your private folders from prying eyes with two innovative applications by Everstrike Software:

Universal Shield is intended to let you hide folders and files and manage hidden folders with just a click. Utilizing the latest and the greatest data protection technologies this application allows you to hide folders, files and even entire hard drives.

Lock Folder XP is used to lock and hide folders and files on your computer utilizing latest security technologies.

The folders you hide are not accessible by other users of the machine and even those users connecting to your computer via local network or Internet. Moreover, when you hide folders they are not visible even for the operating system itself. Enjoy the smartest protection technique available!

Thanks to intuitive user friendly interface you will be able to hide folders, files and entire hard drives with just a couple of mouse-clicks. It is as easy to un-hide folders when you need to access private information.

Both software titles provide tight integration with Windows operating system making it twice as easy to hide folders and reveal them on command.

Starting this moment you would not need putting a guard on duty to protect your computer from intrusions. Hide folders you value most and save on expensive firewall software and so called "security experts"!

Click here to download free trial version of Universal Shield to make sure you can hide folders and alter other security settings with just a click.

Click here to download free trial version of Lock Folder XP to hide folders you value most.


Universal Shield 4.7: Hide files, folders, and drives, and set access rules using flexible security combinations for your most precious data.

Lock Folder XP is a new security tool that lets you lock your files, folders, and drives with your personal password.

Protect Folder: Lock USB drives and local folders on the fly by protecting them with your own password.

USB Security: Secure workstations or the entire network against unauthorized USB devices.

DiskBoost: Speed up disk operation with a secure virtual RAM disk.

Using Protect Folder 98, you can password-protect your files and folders from unauthorized access by other Windows 98/ME users.

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