Hide folder you use to store private data from others. Security tools for hiding your files, folders, and drives.

Hide folder

Let us assume you usually put confidential information to some folder on your hard drive. It would be so nice if you could hide folder containing this information from prying eyes, wouldn't it?

Are you afraid your private data can be acquired by someone you do not trust? Do you store sensitive data on your notebook and wonder what would happen if it is stolen? Well, calm down! We have what it takes to make you feel secure.

Here is how to do that. Below you will find links to the software that allows you to hide folder of your choice completely, so that only you will know it exists. Once you have the software we're talking about installed, it is as easy for you to hide folder with sensitive data as clicking a mouse button. To reveal the hidden folder you only need a couple of clicks and, of course, your unique password.

Universal Shield and Lock Folder XP are the best solutions for those who prefer to hide folder with private information and keep it actually private. Advanced technologies this software was built on allow it to hide folder of your choice completely making it invisible and inaccessible for people using your PC directly and those connected to your computer via Internet and even the Windows operating system itself. Sounds awesome? Well it is awesome!

Using either software product not only you can hide folder of your choice but you can also limit access to files and folders, hide entire drives and much more. Multiple reports indicate that these applications are so cost effective that you can save up to 50 per cent on your current security spending! It is actually that easy: hide folder with business critical data and you can fire the guard or you can stop paying for firewall software since you won't need it anymore. Why would you need it if no one can see your private data since the moment you hide folder containing it?

If you are serious about data security and your own emotional comfort simply hide that folder and forget about troubles!

Click here to download free trial version of Universal Shield to hide that folder and make sure you feel safe.

Click here to download free trial version of Lock Folder XP and hide folder you use to store private data from others.


Universal Shield 4.7: Hide files, folders, and drives, and set access rules using flexible security combinations for your most precious data.

Lock Folder XP is a new security tool that lets you lock your files, folders, and drives with your personal password.

Protect Folder: Lock USB drives and local folders on the fly by protecting them with your own password.

USB Security: Secure workstations or the entire network against unauthorized USB devices.

DiskBoost: Speed up disk operation with a secure virtual RAM disk.

Using Protect Folder 98, you can password-protect your files and folders from unauthorized access by other Windows 98/ME users.

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