Protect and hide folders, files, drives. Security tools for hiding your files, folders, and drives.

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Everstrike Software is a leading provider of PC protection software. The company was founded in 2001 by data security and encryption specialists with significant industry experience. Applications developed by Everstrike Software are capable of password-protecting, encrypting, or hiding files, folders and disks. The software is sold in Europe, North America, and Japan, and is backed by many corporate security professionals.

Everstrike Software proprietary technology is also used in third party solutions, marketed under the names of Hide Folder, Hide Folder Lite, and Folder Crypto Password.

Unlike larger rivals, Everstrike Software gladly develops custom versions to meet any specifications for corporate or individual users. To request a quote, or become a partner or a distributor, please contact us via our feedback form.

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Our U.S. address:

Pacific Business Centre
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P.O. Box 34069 #381
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Our Canadian address:

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Universal Shield 4.7: Hide files, folders, and drives, and set access rules using flexible security combinations for your most precious data.

Lock Folder XP is a new security tool that lets you lock your files, folders, and drives with your personal password.

Protect Folder: Lock USB drives and local folders on the fly by protecting them with your own password.

USB Security: Secure workstations or the entire network against unauthorized USB devices.

DiskBoost: Speed up disk operation with a secure virtual RAM disk.

Using Protect Folder 98, you can password-protect your files and folders from unauthorized access by other Windows 98/ME users.

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